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Frequently asked questions

Here are the questions I am often asked about my art. If you have any questions or need help with your purchase, please contact Simon or Bridget through our contact page, or by phone (64-3-9607076)

Table of Contents

  1. How long does it take to paint a painting?
  2. Do you paint from Photos?
  3. Where do you sell your art?
  4. Can I pay a painting off?
  5. Return policy
  6. Do you paint commissions?
  7. Quality assurance

How long does it take to paint a painting?

That is a good question and I suppose the answer would be different for every artist.
If I am out painting on location I try to complete the painting or sketch in one go. This can take any where from one to four hours.
Studio Paintings are a totally different story. These larger paintings have far more invested in them and can take days to complete.
Preliminary tonal studies and colour plans are explored and of course the size and support need to be arranged before the painting even starts. I can say I am faster now than I was ten years ago but I am also expecting more out of myself and push myself to improve with every painting.

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Do you paint from photo's?

Yes. I paint from a photo now and again, but I don't rely on photos.
The out door sketches I do are approached as a means of obtaining material for larger studio work and studying the effects of light and atmosphere that a camera just can't capture. In the past, I painted from photos all the time but I found my work was missing the real effect of light. I now use photos to capture moving objects like cows for example. They just don't stay still long enough to paint convincingly.

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Where do you sell your art?

I sell through my home gallery in Christchurch. and Silverstream Gallery in Kimbell. Often a painting is sold as I paint it on location or through my websites.

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Can I pay a painting off?

The deposit is negotiable and payments can be made by phone or internet banking. The painting is wrapped and put into storage while it is being payed for.

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Return policy

I have never had this happen. However if, within seven days of your purchase you find the painting isn't right for your home, contact me and we can arrange for you to bring it back and exchange it, or upon its return in good condition I will refund the purchase price.
(commissioned paintings excluded)

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Do you paint commissions?

I will consider all commissions.

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Quality assurance

Here I have a description of the methods and materials I use to produce my paintings. If you have a knowledge of oil painting procedures you will see I use best practice for all aspects of my work.

Surface and preparation

The support under an oil painting must be sealed to prevent the oils and binder being absorbed into the canvas or board surface. I ensure every support I use is prepared with a size and three coats of acrylic Gesso. This is a tried and true method used by the great masters.

Paint Application

I apply my a paint in the fat over lean tradition. This ensures the applied paint will dry thoroughly with out producing cracking.


I use only artists professional Quality Oils and Watercolour paints including: Winsor & Newton Oils,Winsor & Newton Alkyd fast drying oils for field sketches and plein air work,Winsor & Newton Water Colours. I love the Pebo Mistral series of long brite brushes and I use Archival lean medium

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