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About Simon, the early years

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I grew up in beautiful Queenstown in the South Island of New Zealand. Much of my child hood was spent working in my mothers boating business on the shores of Lake Wakatipu.

Every now and again I would get to stroll through the local art galleries with my mother. The paintings were like magic to me. I new then I wanted to paint.

I did a lot of drawing at school but studied technical drawing and wood work instead of art. One day I was pulled aside by the art teacher, who was a great local artist himself, and was asked why I wasn't studying art.


My decision not to study art, was one I have regretted. However, I did learn vital skills in technical drawing. The training on perspective, for example, I always use when setting up a still life painting, or when painting buildings in the landscape.

Our boarder

When I was about thirteen years old, a developing artist Mark Thomas came to live at our home. Mark would paint every week and occasionally I would get to see his work. One day I arrived home to find Mark and his friend painting in our lounge. A still life was set up on the table and Mark was well into the painting, a shapely green bottle some scattered onions and a red background cloth. I can still remember watching Mark paint. What a joy. He made it look so easy. This still life was painting gifted to my mother and is now a treasure in my collection.

I found out painting is never easy

Painting only looks easy when you are watching a master, and the master will tell you it is never easy. Some paintings are completed with out great struggle but others are hard fought till the end. I know this now and will never forget it. Mark is still painting today and continues to be a great inspiration to me.

Simon now

Simon has been painting with oils seriously since 2000. He paints New Zealand landscapes and Still Life subjects.
He has concentrated on painting outdoors, using the direct approach (Alla Prima), which is without a doubt the best way to develop as an artist.

This method helps build his observation skills and brushwork while teaching him to capture the effects of light in nature.
Simon uses professional artist quality materials and techniques when creating his paintings.
He has had several successful one man shows in New Zealand, and his paintings hang in private collections around the world.

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