Simon Kramer Artist

Simon Kramer New Zealand artist

Hi, thanks for stopping by. My name is Simon Kramer and I am a landscape painter living in Christchurch New Zealand. I make high quality landcscape and still life paintings, If you are looking a for beautiful painting for your home get in touch. I have a large selection available in my home gallery.

Artist statement

Rees Valley near Glenorchy original oil painting by Simon Kramer
This is a painting of the Rees valley near Glenorchy, by Simon Kramer

I capture a sense of the atmosphere I feel when I'm painting on location. This is usually an effect of light and shadow in the landscape or the change of light at dusk or dawn.

I am interested in the connection between people and nature and often include mans influence as a major part of my compositions.

My Struggle is to paint with the right balance of emotion and discipline,trying not to get too seduced by the spring of the brush on the canvas or the textural qualities of the paint.